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Integration challenge

The integration challenge, i.e. there is currently no system that is high-performing
and is still fully integrated, miniaturized, and cost-effective.

The inspect project will address these challenges by developing and integrating photonic building
blocks for low-cost miniaturized spectral tissue sensing devices. This involves  the realization of a miniature low-cost integrated VIS/NIR/SWIR spectrometer. For the spectrometer integration the inSPECT project will follow two approaches:
1. The micro-spectrometer, a moderate risk approach based on the miniaturisation and
monolithic integration of diffractive dispersive elements and VIS+NIR+SWIR photo-detectors in a
small volume (cubic inch) device, and
2. The nano-spectrometer, a higher risk approach in which the spectrometer function is
realized in a photonic integrated circuit (PIC) based on transparent SiO/SiN waveguide
This is a unique, novel, and timely approach to obtain the key photonics building blocks for low-cost miniature spectrometers, that will drive the widespread adoption of spectral sensing in
applications that were not accessible before.